Sunday, June 14, 2009

Proof I Take Notes on Sunday...

See? See? Right there on the right in the tiny little microscopic miniscule box.

On another note, don't you think it's hilarious in church when the mom runs in, hands dad the kid and the gargantuan diaper bag, and vanishes without a trace? I sure do, but then again, I'm not so sure the guy in the corner would agree with me. He was completely dumfounded whilst I laughed hysterically in the background. Luckily there were some pretty funny kids to mask my amusement.
Just thought I'd post something here since it's been a while.


kwistin said...

bahahaha. so next Sunday, i'm either going to sit by you so i can observe the creative genius (while taking notes, of course), or sit on the opposite side of the room so we can both draw the speakers from different angles then freak them out later.

did you draw marie yesterday? i did. it was a pretty nice angle from where i was.

kwistin said...

oh. so, i totally thought the tag said it was posted by joe. my bad! if you ever come to our ward, i'll sit by you and it'll apply.

either way, great stuff! i really like the line quality. good microscopic notes, too. :)

joe said...


Thanks for the comments (to Danielle) Kristin. I appreciate it. No, I didn't draw in sacrament meeting because they think I should teach sunday school (i.e. prepare lessons during sacrament meeting).

So yes, we should draw, but only every other sunday.