Tuesday, May 26, 2009

#8: The Usual Place

Quay and I met last Saturday and sketched. Imagine that.

We just stayed at the usual meeting place. No big deal.

If anyone wants to sketch, join us this Saturday at 1!


Joel Deehr said...

that top guy is a great sketch. He looks like his girlfriend just left him. Poor guy, I hope you guys were able to give him some consolation.

Quay Mims said...

good stuff bro

Rapha said...

Ill be joining you as soon as I get back, on the 9th. Until then, Ill be here, jealous of your sketching trips. See you guys.

history145 said...

You guys are very talented!

Vaden Chandler
The Arete' Blog

Que said...

amazinggg work